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10 January 2010

QQ140 大蝴蝶结泡泡吊带裙子 @ RM33.00

【Material 面料】: Cotton (feel good) 丝棉(手感好)
【Size 尺码】: Free Size 均码
【Measurement 尺寸】:
Bust 80 ~ 90cm, waist circumference 1 foot 8 ~ 2 feet 3, skirt length 75cm (not including sling length); straps: a flexible, adjustable
【Other 其他】:
There may be 1-2cm error, part of the normal range.

Color : Black, White

Skirt is the elastic behind the maximum can be pulled 92cm, because the material lacks flexibility, it is proposed that the wearing of Bust 90cm. In addition, as is the entire piece nail bow, so bow locations may be different with the picture, some may be on the other side, some may be more partial middle point, therefore, on the bow of the position, not be subject to quality problems returned.

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