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15 July 2010

LF-370: 吊带裙抹胸连衣裙百变多穿法束胸裙子 @ RM36.00

【Material 面料】: Imitation silk without lining 仿丝绸 无内衬 
【Size 尺码】: Free Size 均码
【Measurement 尺寸】:
Bust 75-92CM, skirt length 90CM, (does not include strap length)
胸围75-92CM, 裙长约90CM,(不含吊带长度)
【Other 其他】:
There may be 1-2cm error, part of the normal range.
测量方式问题可能存 在1-2cm误差,属于正常范围。

Can be skirt / Dress / bubble skirt (which there are string for u to tie up to make it like bubble skirt )
可做半身裙/吊带裙 /收起来还是泡泡裙(里面有几根小绳子绑起来就是泡泡裙效果)

Colour 颜色: Beige 杏, Black 黑, Pink 粉红, Purple 紫

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